Choi Kwang Do Student Uniform

As a new student, you would be entered into our introduction program, in this program, you will learn all the basics needed to help you set off on your journey in Martial Arts, from how to utilise stances to maintain a good balance, ability to move around and the ability to minimise being an easy target. 

Choi Kwang Do has a set Syllabus which means for each belt there is a key pattern to learn along with all the techniques associated with that pattern and a series of drills.

For each belt, there will be a new set of skills to learn and practice, these build upon skills already learned with additional skills

About Us

Martial Arts Club for all ages and abilities Established in 1996, Norwich Choi Kwang Do is a non-profit club dedicated to serving the community within the NELM area with affordable Martial Arts tuition for adults and heavily subsidised tuition for the children.

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Mr Eric Tuvey
14 Speedwell Rd, 
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