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When approached with the proper attitude, teaching can be one of the most rewarding endeavours you can experience. By sharing your Choi Kwang Do skills and knowledge, you will derive immense satisfaction from the fact that you are giving, in essence, a gift to others, in the form of lifelong benefits such as self-confidence, optimum health and emotional well being. by this, you are taking an active part in helping to make your community and ultimately the world a better place. Children, especially the shy and less confident, need the gift that we have to offer. They are our future and need all the help we can give in preparing them to successfully cope with today and tomorrow’s society.

Through teaching, you are not only rewarded spiritually but on a technical and personal level as well. To quote Grandmaster Choi, “Your students are like a mirror, reflecting not only your technique but also your attitude and mannerism.” Through them, you have a direct gauge and strong incentive by which to improve your techniques and to refine your communication and leadership skills. Your repetitive demonstration and explanation of skills, and replies to students’ questions will further add to the development of your skills and knowledge.
As an official representative of Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi and Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International, you should take pride in the fact that you are a professional. In time, your specialized training and dedication to helping humanity should command the same respect and importance as a Doctor, Lawyer, or other professional. With this in mind, you should constantly strive towards the development of the highest standard in yourself as well as your students, in both techniques and by living the principles of Choi Kwang Do. Your attitude, teaching, and mannerism should at all times reflect a genuine concern for all of your students and sincere dedication to Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi’s Art and Organization.

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Martial Arts Club for all ages and abilities Established in 1996, Norwich Choi Kwang Do is a non-profit club dedicated to serving the community within the NELM area with affordable Martial Arts tuition for adults and heavily subsidised tuition for the children.

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