NCKD Celebration






20 Years of Norwich Choi Kwang Do

Georgina TuveyPrior to 1996 Georgina Tuvey and her family were dedicated students to the art of Choi Kwang Do with its holistic approach to training and revolutionary new methods designed into the fighting art Mrs Tuvey realised it was one of the most advanced martial art available.

In 1996 the Choi Kwang Do School in Norwich closed which left a void for the students that trained there and therefore Mrs Tuvey Started Norwich Choi Kwang Do.

As Head Teacher of what was formally Ranworth First School and now known as Henderson green Primary Mrs Tuvey realised the benefits it would have upon the children within her school based in an area of high unemployment and high learning difficulty rates to help them learn discipline and focus from martial arts and therefore ran a free afterschool class for the children within her school. Mrs Tuvey soon realised the advantages Choi Kwang Do had upon the children training with added focus came higher grades, concentration and better behaviour at school. From the Children’s achievements within Choi Kwang Do came higher parental interaction and pride with their achievements.

When Mrs Tuvey Retired from her role as Head Teacher She continued to run her Choi Kwang Do after School Club along with the addition of a mixed age class and adult class.

These classes were very successful with students traveling up to 20 miles to train at the club, Mrs Tuvey herself was heralded as an asset to Choi Kwang Do whom will being small in size packed a mighty big punch well into retirement age.

In 2006 Mrs Tuvey passed away which left her son Mr Eric Tuvey to continue to run Norwich CKD which he has continued to do both as a passion for Choi Kwang Do but also to continue the work his mother started.

In the past few years Norwich Choi Kwang Do has changed, now with a large team of instructors and Committee Members, different venues to train in and constantly at the forefront of new training methods it has become an extremely successful and popular Choi Kwang Do School.

New for 2016

In 2016 Norwich Choi Kwang Do is celebrating 20 Years in operation and to commemorate this milestone in the history of NCKD we are holding our very own Choi Kwang Do Festival and Celebration Party to which we would like to invite all our Worldwide Friends and Extended Choi Kwang Do Family to come and celebrate with us on the 27th August 2016, We hope this will be a great day for all as it will be a proud day for Mr Tuvey and all the staff from Norwich Choi Kwang Do.